Beautiful Tone, Beautiful Heart

Shinichi Suzuki

Giving Children Confidence


Thank you for creating a wonderfully organized product. I especially love that there is a separate place to collect the teaching points and specific notes per piece. I used to have students collect these on index cards. This makes a great resource for the child to look back on. Parents take most notes in first two books so this will be great for the child when reviewing and preparing for groups and such.


My daughter loves when we practice now because we use these cards. I pick ten cards, shuffle them and allow her to select a card. She also hides the card from me and then plays the song and sees how long it takes me to guess what song she is playing.


My six-year-old girls who play the Suzuki method love to use the cards during their practicing time. We lay out the cards that correspond with the songs that they are learning. They get to pick a card and then play the song. It makes the practice time feel like a game and they are so much more motivated. Money can't buy that kind of self-motivation!

Suzuki Mom