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The practice cards are loaded with creative ideas to shake up your practice session. Perform a Concert for your stuffed animals, or play in front of a mirror and observe your posture. These cards are sure to add excitement to your daily practice session. Contains 31 cards.


3.5" by 5" packaged in a reclosable plastic bag.


Practice Cards

for Flute

$ 14.99

This colorful set contains 45 cards -- one for every piece in the first four volumes of the revised Suzuki Flute literature. The face of each card is color coordinated with the revised editions of volumes one through four: Volume 1 is blue, Volume 2 is green, Volume 3 is red and Volume 4 is purple.


3.5" by 5" packaged in a reclosable plastic bag.





Review Cards

for Flute

Volumes 1-4

$ 6.99

One of the basic principles behind playing beautifully is correct posture. This colorful set of Posture Cards gives fun reminders to help young player focus on individual elements of posture. These card are perfect to use with Meredith Strings Review Cards to give your student a posture focus for each piece. The set of cards comes packaged in a reclosable plastic bag.


Contains 17 posture point—from having a mouse hole to keeping a flute railroad.


3.5" by 5" packaged in a reclosable plastic bag.


Posture Cards

for Flute

Available for Suzuki

Volumes 1-5


This spiral bound Practice Book contains everything you need for a years worth of practicing:


Pages to keep running lists of warm ups, scales, vibrato, tonalization exercises.


-  52 practice records - one for each week.


-  A section for each piece in the Suzuki book, complete with composer portrait.


-  12 sections to keep group lesson notes.


-  A Circle of 5ths Chart.


- Page to keep track of days practiced


Many teachers are purchasing these for studios and including the price in their registration fee. If you are interested, and would like a few custom pages added (such as studio calendar and policies), e-mail me for volume pricing.


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